Sunday, 15 April 2012

Puppy Visit

Yesterday we went to visit Lexie and see how she is getting on. She's 4 weeks old now and has grown so much since we saw her 3 weeks ago. She is still the biggest in the litter and seems to be quite greedy! She spent most of her visit feeding, even pushing one of the other puppies out of her way to get in!

The puppies will start weaning tomorrow, first of all just eating puppy food soaked in milk and slowly moving on to the dried food on its own. Judging by the size of Lexie already, I'm sure this won't be a problem for her!

It was great to see the puppies and see how they're all growing. It's just under 3 weeks until she comes home now and I can't wait! We've started getting things ready: a puppy pen, some chew toys and a pet carrier are here already and I'm sure there will be plenty more bits in the next couple of weeks!

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