Monday, 7 May 2012

Home Sweet Home

She's home!
Lexie came home to us on Friday and we've been having a fun and busy weekend getting to know eachother. She is such a good natured pup, she is settling in really well and seems to be feeling right at home!

She is a little monkey, getting into everything and pouncing around! So far her favourite things seem to be playing with her blankets, her teddy bear and chewing everybody's fingers and toes!!

Today we took her to the pub and, as you can imagine, everyone is so excited to see her! We're trying to introduce her to some new things everyday. Tomorrow will be her first trip to the vet and I'm also going to take her for a little 'carry' around the village, as she can't go for a walk until she's 12 weeks old.

We've also signed her up for puppy classes, which start on the 10th of June, which should be good fun too!

Here are just a few of the pictures we've taken, although I don't think the photos really show just how small and how much fun she is!

Wearing my new collar

Chewing my pet carrier :)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Puppy Visit

Yesterday we went to visit Lexie and see how she is getting on. She's 4 weeks old now and has grown so much since we saw her 3 weeks ago. She is still the biggest in the litter and seems to be quite greedy! She spent most of her visit feeding, even pushing one of the other puppies out of her way to get in!

The puppies will start weaning tomorrow, first of all just eating puppy food soaked in milk and slowly moving on to the dried food on its own. Judging by the size of Lexie already, I'm sure this won't be a problem for her!

It was great to see the puppies and see how they're all growing. It's just under 3 weeks until she comes home now and I can't wait! We've started getting things ready: a puppy pen, some chew toys and a pet carrier are here already and I'm sure there will be plenty more bits in the next couple of weeks!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


We received a couple more pictures of Lexie on Thursday. She's almost 3 weeks old here, I can't believe how much she has grown since we first met her!

I think she is the puppy feeding in the left photo, and the puppy on the far left in the other. She has a little green line on her back and I think that's what I can see in the photo!

We're off to visit Lexie again on Saturday. She'll be 4 weeks old, so I'm hoping she'll be a little more active than during our previous visit!

Puppy Picking

A few weeks ago we received the phone call we'd been waiting for- we had a puppy!

We've been looking for a good few months now for a friend for our Westie, Dougal, and wanted to make sure we got the right one. Going through the Kennel Club seemed like the best way, as after having lots of problems with Dougal's health when we first got him, we wanted to make sure this didn't happen again. So when we recieved the phonecall, telling us that a litter had been born with 3 girls and a boy we were very excited to pick our puppy!

We travelled to Cheltenham to meet the breeders, their dogs and of course, the puppies! And here they are...

The mum, Dusty, was very peaceful, gentle and obviously very tired! The puppies were just a week old and I've never seen such little dogs! Now we had the tricky task of picking which puppy would be ours. We knew that we wanted one of the bigger puppies, and after lots of deliberation, we finally decided.

So, here she is, welcome to the family Lexie :)

I hope to use this blog as a diary of Lexie as a puppy, following our visits to see her, her coming home, training, playing, sleeping and the trouble she gets in to! Let the trouble begin!